Seven Crucial Questions to Ask Your Window Cleaning Company Before You Hire Them

Don’t risk low-quality cleaning, bad service, and frustration. Discover the simple questions that guarantee the firm you hire will deliver the quality of work you need.

If you’ve been disappointed with the quality of the work done by your window cleaning company, then here’s an important message you need to hear before you hire another company to take on the job.

We’ve put them in a short easy-to-read report called "Seven Crucial Questions You Must Ask Your Cleaning Company before You Hire Them." In the report you’ll discover:

Will you give me a definite day and a time when you will do the work?

Will you keep to your promise of turning up on a certain day at a certain time?

How much effort do you put into making sure everything is cleaned properly?

What kind of equipment do you use?

Can I trust your staff with access to private areas of my home?

What procedures do you have in place for safety on site?

Do you have a solid guarantee for all the work you carry out?

And most of all you’ll never have to worry about hiring a second-rate window cleaning company again and being disappointed by inferior work. Get the right answers to these questions and you’re almost guaranteed to get a window cleaning company that knows how to do the job right, and is trustworthy and dependable.

Remember, hiring a second-rate firm can cost you dearly when you find they don’t do quality work and then have to go looking again. It’s a big waste of time — and as someone running a busy home, you know how precious time is.

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