External cleaning services in Cornwall: revitalise your property

Cornwall external cleaning services provided for domestic and commercial properties throughout Cornwall.

We offer a range of specialised exterior cleaning services, including roof cleaning, render cleaning, stone cleaning, and brick cleaning. We also offer gutter, patio, and driveway cleaning to keep your property in top condition.

Discover the transformation that your property can undergo by checking out our range of external cleaning offers, which are available across every corner of the county of Cornwall, from the border of Devon to Land’s End.


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Eco-friendly exterior cleaning

external walls cleaned on large house

We embrace innovative and eco-friendly cleaning techniques like steam cleaning. This eco-friendly roof cleaning technique employs superheated steam, ensuring a thorough clean without using any chemicals. 

For other cleaning requirements, we can employ the Softwash system as an alternative. We will help you choose the cleaning system which best suits your needs and budget, and your preference for the level of environmental-friendliness you require.

Take a look at the detailed exploration of our various exterior cleaning offerings, designed specifically for residential, commercial, and public buildings.

Cutting-edge roof cleaning in Cornwall: efficient and eco-friendly

slate roof during steam cleaning

Experience a blend of meticulous cleaning and environmental preservation with our specialised roof cleaning services. We’ve honed our skills to perfect the art of eliminating stubborn mould, lichen, and persistent weather stains, ensuring your roof regains its original allure.

External cleaning to make your roof moss-free

Our approach incorporates both steam cleaning and Softwash systems, a procedure which guarantees that the appearance of your roof is transformed. Whichever technique we use, you are sure to be astonished at how clean your roof can look.

Roof cleaning with the power of steam

The Cornish climate is well-known for being damp. This leads to a rapid growth in moss and algae, which not only makes the roof look unsightly, but can also cause roof damage due to the moss affecting the roof structure.

One of the most efficient ways to clean roofs in Cornwall is to use steam cleaning. This uses the power of superheated steam to remove all traces of moss from the roof tiles.

Roof cleaning using the Softwash system

Another technique we employ is the Softwash system, which uses a chemical spray to clean the weather stains. Each roof cleaning job will require a different chemical mix, and we take time to survey your roof to ensure the Softwash is perfect for your roof materials

Stopping roof moss regrowth

Each technique can be complemented with a bactericide application option, acting as a defence mechanism against recurrent moss growth, ensuring an extended period of cleanliness and aesthetic appeal.

Our personalised cleaning solutions make us one of the premier roof cleaning contractors in Cornwall.


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Render cleaning in Cornwall: bring your render back to life

cleaned render on an English house

Cornwall’s distinct coastal climate demands a specialised touch for render cleaning. As with roof cleaning, we harness years of expertise to rid your render of weather stains and discolouration, unveiling the original render colour. In many cases, the render can look like new.

Tailored render rejuvenation techniques

Our dual arsenal of steam and Softwash cleaning means we can clean most render types, including K-Rend. Steam cleaning, a truly eco-friendly render cleaning technique, delivers an intensive clean that makes your render shine.

The Softwash system is adeptly customised for specific render types, once again bringing the external appearance of your house up to scratch.

Stone building cleaning for Cornish properties: restoring the appearance of the natural colour

natural coloured stone on traditional cottage in Cornwall

Cornwall has many stone buildings. These include everything from small cottages to the largest iconic structures. But none of these stone buildings are immune to the climate. Over time, moss, grime and algae cover the stone’s natural colours.

This is where our steam cleaning techniques come into their own. Our expertise in stone cleaning means we can clean any type of stone, from granite to limestone, and bring it back to its former glory.

And all the cleaning is done without damage to the stone, no matter how ingrained the dirt and grime. Intricate masonry cleaning is also a speciality.


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Brickwork cleaning in Cornwall: uncovering the true colours of your brick walls

house brick walls after cleaning

Confronted with the relentless damp maritime climate of Cornwall, brickwork often succumbs to moss, algae, and microbial invasion. Once again, this is where our restorative steam cleaning system can work wonders.

Our brick cleaning services mean years of dirt and weather stains simply lift away, transforming the look of your brick walls, whether the structural walls of your home, or those which mark the boundary to your property.

Comprehensive gutter cleaning: a shield against water damage

Blocked gutters not only cause overflow of water. The overflowing water can cause serious damage to your property, which makes regular gutter cleaning essential.

Our high-reach SkyVac system completely clears gutters and downpipes of blockages, allowing to rest easy, knowing that your gutters are free-flowing and your building is protected.

Extensive outdoor cleaning services across Cornwall

We offer our cleaning expertise across every region of Cornwall. Each service, from roof to gutter cleaning is executed to the highest standards of professionalism, echoing our unwavering commitment to quality and excellence.

For more information about each of our external cleaning services in Cornwall, take a look at our dedicated service pages.

Our Service Offerings

  • Roof Cleaning: Eradicating mould and moss, unveiling a roof that reveals its original surface
  • Render Cleaning: A journey from stain-ridden surfaces to an invigorated, radiant exterior
  • Stone Cleaning: Bespoke solutions that transform and preserve the stone structures
  • Brick cleaning: Steam cleaning to rejuvenate your brick surfaces, and all without a touch of environmental damage
  • Gutter Maintenance: A blend of innovation and precision, ensuring optimal functionality of your rain gutters
  • Patio and Deck Cleaning: Breathing life back into your patio, giving you a place you love to spend time
  • Driveway Cleaning: Moss and grime whisked away to leave the surface pristine

No matter, your external cleaning project, get in touch, and let us show you a world of cleaning difference. For a full list of our exterior cleaning services, visit our Exterior Cleaning Services page

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