Your rendered walls cleaned of moss, lichen and stains, and restored to their former colour – guaranteed

Say goodbye to render filled with stains and algae. Our specialist cleaning system removes all traces of dirt and moss growth, leaving the natural colour to shine through

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Look at our results. All weather stains completely disappeared

If the render on your home is more than a few years old, it’s probably beginning to show its age.

Brown stains where the rainwater has run down the surface. The growth of algae and moss creating dark patches. Overall, your home has started to look shabby and unattractive.

A common way to bring the render back to its former colour is to use “power washing” (which uses the force of water to remove the stains).

But high-pressure cleaning doesn’t cure the underlying problem – the bacterial infection. This means the moss and lichen will start to grow again almost immediately.

On top of all this, using power washing on some type of render invalidates the guarantee, which means you’re liable for any faults that occur later in the render’s surface.

You may have to replace the render completely, with all the huge costs associated with it.

The Solution to dirty render

To ensure your render is cleaned effectively, Cornish Window Cleaning offers two solutions.

The first approach is to use the “Softwash” system. This uses a chemical which cuts through stains to allow the natural render colour to come through. Softwashing works on all finished coloured renders, including those from K-Rend, Monocouche, and Weber.

Each render cleaning job uses a cleaning solution mixed specifically for the particular type of render, ensuring you get the best possible results

Eco-friendly render cleaning technique

The second approach is one for people who demand truly environmentally-friendly cleaning. This uses the Doff system, which uses absolutely no chemicals and instead relies on the power of superheated steam to clear the stains. It also means there is no risk of damage to surrounding vegetation.

We will discuss your preference to help you decide which is the correct solution for your needs.

Both approaches are highly-effective cleaning techniques that quickly remove moss and lichen from your rendered walls and no matter how heavy the soiling and discolouration. Weather stains disappear too, bringing your walls back to the original vibrant colour.

As part of the cleaning process we can also apply a bacteriacide. This kills the spores so that the moss and lichen which causes the stains is kept at bay for much longer.

Fully trained staff

Every member of our cleaning staff is fully-trained in how to use the equipment and how to follow all relevant Health and Safety rules.

This means you don’t have to worry about incompetent cleaning staff damaging your property, and you’ll know that the cleaning is being carried out in a safe and effective manner.

Staff you can trust

All members of staff have undergone a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check to make sure they have no criminal convictions and can be fully trusted with access to your property, giving you total peace of mind at all times.

We also hold £10 million of public liability insurance.

Fully guaranteed render cleaning work

You also receive a rock-solid guarantee on every single cleaning job that we will return and put right anything you’re not happy with – without quibble or argument.

But don’t take our word for it. Just look at what some of our many satisfied clients have said about us on our “Success Stories” page.

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