Give your roof a new lease of life. All moss, lichen and algae removed, with all work fully guaranteed

Our specialist cleaning systems completely clean moss, lichen and weather stains from your roof to let the original surface shine through. They also preserve your roof and increase lifespan, saving money on expensive repairs.

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We offer roof cleaning and a comprehensive roof mould removal service throughout the whole of Cornwall.

To ensure your roof is cleaned effectively, CW Cleaning offers two solutions.

Eco-friendly roof steam cleaning

Our preferred approach for roof cleaning is to use our specialist low-pressure high-temperature steam cleaning system. This uses 150-degree superheated steam to completely remove moss and weather-stains from your roof, no matter the type.

It is especially effective for cleaning slate roofs, which need special care to avoid damaging the surface.

Steam cleaning also has the added benefit of being 100% environmentally friendly. Since the process uses nothing but steam, there are no chemicals involved. The steam simply turns to water and runs into the ground without causing any environmental damage.

It also means there is no risk of damage to surrounding vegetation.

This is the perfect choice for people who demand truly environmentally-friendly cleaning.

The Softwash solution

The second approach is to use the “Softwash” system. This uses a chemical which cuts through stains to allow the natural colour of the roof tiles to come through. It removes all traces of mould, lichen and moss, and removes all discolouration to leave your roof clean and looking almost like new.

Each Softwash roof cleaning job uses a cleaning solution mixed specifically for the particular type of roof covering, ensuring you get the best possible results.

Moss removed before application

Before applying the Softwash solution, we remove all surface mosses and lichens to make sure the solution touches every part of the surface.

This makes sure the solution removes most staining and traces of moss – and the spores which can lead to regrowth.

The little staining left after the application of the Softwash will fade over the coming weeks after treatment.

We also take all necessary precautions and measures to protect the surrounding area when we apply the Softwash solution.

This includes making sure all plants and greenery are protected from the solution so there is absolutely no damage to your garden.

Stop regrowth of moss and algae

We will discuss your preference to help you decide which is the correct solution for your needs.

Both approaches are highly-effective cleaning techniques that quickly remove moss and lichen from your roof no matter how heavy the soiling and discolouration.

As part of the cleaning process we can also apply a bactericide. This kills the spores so that the moss and lichen which cause the stains are kept at bay for much longer. This means your roof stays cleaner for longer.

Local expertise for cleaning Cornwall’s roofs

We are a local Cornish company based in Bodmin. We are not part of a national company with a head office miles from the local area. We have links with the local area and understand the particular needs of cleaning roofs in Cornwall.

From the bustling streets of Truro to the serene coastlines of St Ives, our cleaning operatives have serviced clients across the entirety of Cornwall. Whether it’s the salt-laden air of coastal towns or the dense greenery of inland areas, we know exactly how to approach each roof cleaning project to ensure optimal results.

A legacy of trust across Cornwall

Our local expertise isn’t just about understanding the climate or the towns; it’s about the trust we’ve built with the Cornish community. Over the years, we’ve become the go-to roof cleaning experts for countless homeowners across Cornwall.

Each member of our roof cleaning staff undergoes rigorous training to ensure they can operate every piece of equipment properly. Our staff are also well-versed in all relevant Health and Safety rules, ensuring that every cleaning job is conducted without any risks. This gives you total peace of mind when we clean your roof.

Rigorous background checks

Every staff member undergoes a thorough Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check. This ensures they have no criminal convictions and you can have complete confidence in granting our team access to your property. 

Comprehensive public liability insurance

We hold £10 million of public liability insurance. This serves as an added layer of assurance for you. In the unlikely event of any mishaps, you’re fully covered, ensuring that your interests are always protected.

No-quibble roof cleaning promise

Every cleaning job we undertake comes with a straightforward promise: if there’s any aspect you’re not completely satisfied with, we’ll return and make it right. No debates, no delays, just swift action to ensure your total satisfaction.

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