Stone and masonry cleaning in Cornwall

We carry out stone cleaning on domestic and commercial properties throughout Cornwall. As we are a local Cornish stone cleaning company, we have specialised knowledge of how to clean stone buildings and refurbish masonry. When you hire us to clean the stone walls on your Cornish property, you can be assured that you will receive the best stone and masonry cleaning techniques available.

Specialist stone cleaning systems

Our specialist stone cleaning Cornwall systems completely clean moss, lichen and stains from your stone walls to let the original surface shine through. Book your no-obligation stone wall cleaning survey by contacting us today. 


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Cornwall, a region steeped in history and natural beauty, is home to an array of stone buildings that capture the essence of its rich architectural heritage. These include quaint stone cottages nestled in the countryside to imposing public buildings like churches and museums. 

The stone used in Cornwall varies widely, offering a palette of natural colours and textures that contribute to the region’s distinctive landscape. Granite is a popular choice, especially in areas like Bodmin. Limestone, often used in coastal properties, offers a softer texture, while sandstone provides a warm, earthy hue that blends seamlessly with Cornwall’s scenic backdrop.

But no matter the type of building and the stone used, all stone buildings in Cornwall have one thing in common, and that is the effect of the weather on their appearance.

The impact of Cornwall’s damp climate on stone buildings

traditional stone cottages in England

Cornwall’s damp climate poses challenges for the maintenance of stone buildings, specifically the growth of moss and algae. Over time, these growths discolour the stone, robbing it of its natural hues and textures. What was once a vibrant facade of granite or limestone can become a dull, greenish-brown surface, marred by patches of moss and streaks of algae. 

But moss and algae not only make your building look unattractive. They can actually pose significant structural risks. Moss can find its way into the mortar that holds the stone together. Over time, they can weaken the mortar and compromise the structural integrity of the wall.

That’s why regular stone cleaning and maintenance are essential for preserving the beauty and longevity of a stone building. And stone cleaning is something that we excel at.


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How our stone cleaning Cornwall services restore the natural beauty of your stone building

Each type of stone used in Cornish buildings has its own unique cleaning needs. We understand these differences and have developed specialised cleaning methods to bring out the natural colours and textures of any stone.

The power of steam cleaning

Our preferred solution for most stone cleaning challenges is steam cleaning, a method that combines low pressure with high temperatures of up to 150 degrees Celsius. Unlike abrasive cleaning techniques (such as power washing) that can damage the stone and the mortar holding it together, steam cleaning is gentle yet effective. It penetrates the porous surface of the stone to lift dirt, grime, and moss and algae, all without causing any structural damage.

Eco-friendly and effective stone cleaning

Another advantage of steam cleaning is its environmental friendliness. The process uses minimal water and does not require harsh chemicals, making it an eco-conscious choice for property owners mindful of their environmental impact. 

Suitable for lime render

For buildings with lime render, a material particularly sensitive to pressure and chemical treatments, steam cleaning is an ideal option. The low-pressure, high-temperature combination is gentle enough to clean without causing damage, and so preserving the integrity of your building’s exterior.

Stone cleaning tailored to your property

stone wall being cleaned on old building

In summary, we offer a comprehensive stone cleaning service that is tailored to the specific needs of your property. Our steam cleaning method is both effective and environmentally responsible, making it the preferred choice for discerning property owners.

Protecting your stone property for the long-term

By removing moss, algae, and other growths, you reduce the risk of long-term damage, avoiding the need for expensive wall repairs in the future. A clean, well-maintained stone wall or building is less likely to require frequent repairs, saving you both time and money in the long run.


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Your Local Experts in Stone Care

We are a local exterior cleaning company deeply rooted in the Cornwall community. Based in Bodmin, we have years of experience cleaning stone buildings throughout the region. Our local expertise gives us an unparalleled understanding of Cornwall’s unique climate and the specific challenges it poses for stone care.

We are not part of a national company with a head office miles from the local area. We have links with the local area and understand the particular needs of cleaning roofs in Cornwall.

Your stone cleaning project and your peace of mind

We understand that when you invite a contractor onto your property, you need to be assured that the work will be done professionally and safely. That’s why we make sure that our stone cleaning teams are of the highest calibre in terms of professionalism and standards of workmanship.

Safety protocols and training

Our team is trained in the latest health and safety protocols, from the correct handling of equipment to the safe use of cleaning agents. This training is regularly updated to comply with industry standards and local regulations, ensuring that we maintain a safe working environment at all times.

Rigorous Staff Screening

To provide our clients with peace of mind, all our staff undergo criminal records checks before they are employed. This is an essential step in our hiring process, ensuring that we maintain a team that is not only skilled but also trustworthy.

Comprehensive public liability insurance

We hold £10 million of public liability insurance. This serves as an added layer of assurance for you. In the unlikely event of any mishaps, you’re fully covered, ensuring that your interests are always protected.

No-quibble stone cleaning promise

Every cleaning job we undertake comes with a straightforward promise: if there’s any aspect you’re not completely satisfied with, we’ll return and make it right. No debates, no delays, just swift action to ensure your total satisfaction.


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Comprehensive coverage of Cornwall

coverage of stone cleaning services in Cornwall


Padstow, a charming fishing port on the North Cornwall coast, is famous for its culinary scene and scenic views. We carry out expert stone cleaning in Padstow, enhancing the beauty of its varied architecture.


Fowey, a small port town rich in maritime history, is nestled at the mouth of the River Fowey. Our team provides top-notch stone cleaning services in Fowey, ensuring the town’s historic and modern buildings maintain their allure.


Nestled on the Cornish coast, Falmouth boasts a rich maritime heritage and stunning sea views. In Falmouth, we offer comprehensive stone cleaning services, preserving the charm of these coastal properties.


Known as the ‘Gateway to Cornwall’, Saltash lies on the River Tamar. We provide dedicated stone cleaning services in Saltash, catering to the unique needs of both historic landmarks and modern developments.


The bustling town of Wadebridge, set alongside the River Camel, features a mix of traditional and contemporary buildings. Our stone cleaning services in Wadebridge are tailored to protect and enhance this diverse architectural landscape.


Liskeard, an ancient market town in southeast Cornwall, showcases a mix of Victorian and contemporary architecture. We conduct thorough stone cleaning in Liskeard, preserving the town’s rich architectural heritage.

St Ives

St Ives, a picturesque seaside town known for its thriving arts scene, is surrounded by beautiful beaches. Our stone cleaning services in St Ives are designed to safeguard the town’s unique charm and coastal buildings.

St Austell

St Austell, renowned for its china clay industry, is a major town in Cornwall with both historical and modern aspects. We offer specialized stone cleaning in St Austell, ensuring care for both old and new structures.


Famous for its surf beaches and vibrant nightlife, Newquay is a major tourist destination in Cornwall. In Newquay, we provide essential stone cleaning services to protect the town’s buildings from salt and sea spray damage.


Truro, Cornwall’s only city, is known for its cathedral, cobbled streets, and Georgian architecture. Our stone cleaning expertise in Truro helps maintain the city’s historical charm and aesthetic appeal.


Located in the heart of Cornwall, Bodmin is steeped in history with its ancient buildings and moorland. Our specialized stone cleaning services in Bodmin are designed to rejuvenate and protect these historical structures.


Redruth, once the heart of Cornwall’s tin mining industry, combines industrial heritage with modernity. We offer tailored stone cleaning in Redruth, ensuring the town’s unique blend of building styles is well-maintained.

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