External cleaning services for Cornwall properties: revitalise your Cornwall property and say goodbye to moss and weather stains

We offer professional external cleaning in Cornwall and Plymouth. Our services include roof cleaning, render cleaning, stone cleaning, and brick cleaning.

For many of our external cleaning jobs, we use a state-of-the-art steam cleaning system. This uses nothing more than superheated steam, with no chemicals or bleach whatsoever. It is the perfect choice for those who want truly eco-friendly cleaning of their roof, walls, stonework or render. 

We can also offer cleaning using the effective Softwash system. We will advise on which is the best system for your particular requirements.

See below for our full list of exterior cleaning services in Cornwall, covering residential properties and commercial and public buildings throughout the county.

Our advanced roof cleaning techniques: combining efficiency with eco-friendliness for Cornish roofs

clean roof slates cornwall

We carry out roof cleaning and roof mould removal throughout Cornwall.

Our preferred choice for roof moss removal is eco-friendly steam cleaning, which removes all traces of mould, lichen and weather stains from your roof tiles. Our low-pressure hgh temperature steam cleaning service can also be used for slate roof cleaning. It totally cleans slate roofs without damaging the surface of the slate.

We can also clean your roof using the Softwash system. This gently removes mould, moss, and lichen from your roof. Each roof cleaning job uses a cleaning solution mixed specifically for the particular type of roof covering, ensuring you get the best possible results and keeps moss and mould growth at bay.

Your Roof Cleaned to Perfection

Whichever roof cleaning technique we use, our Cornish roof cleaning service removes all discolouration to leave your roof clean and looking almost like new.

Both techniques can be used with a bactericide, which curtails the growth of moss and keeps your roof cleaner for longer.

To discover more, visit our roof cleaning page.

Cornwall render cleaning specialists: improve your external appearance

Cornwall’s coastal climate poses unique challenges for render. The damp air, sea salt, and fluctuating weather can cause your render’s appearance to deteriorate substantially, making your property’s exterior look unsightly. We specialise in combating these challenges. With years of experience in external cleaning in Cornwall, including render cleaning, we’ve tackled everything from moss growth to weather stains, and restoring the original colour of rendered properties.

Steam Cleaning or Softwash

As with our roof cleaning service, we employ two trusted systems: steam cleaning and the Softwash system. Steam cleaning uses superheated water, offering an eco-friendly, deep clean that’s totally safe for render, no matter the type. The Softwash system is tailored for each render type, ensuring targeted, long-lasting results that unveil the render’s original appearance.

Our render cleaning services are suitable for both traditional render, which is generally a sand and cement render, and more specialist renders like K-Rend, Weber render and Monocouche render types. We can also clean all types of insulated renders and coloured renders.

Learn more about our render cleaning services by visiting our render cleaning page.

Stone house cleaning using low-pressure steam cleaning

a cottage with cleaned stone walls

In Cornwall, stone structures ranging from historic cottages to significant public buildings are a prominent part of the landscape. However, these structures often face challenges due to the region’s damp climate, leading to moss and algae accumulation.

We use steam cleaning as our primary method for stone maintenance. This technique uses heated water vapour to remove moss, algae, and other contaminants from the stone’s surface. It ensures a comprehensive clean without the risk of damaging the stone, since it is a low-pressure cleaning method. Steam cleaning, since it relies solely on water, is a fully sustainable and eco-friendly cleaning solution.

Specialisation in Stone and Masonry in Cornwall

Different types of stone require distinct care approaches. Our team is trained to recognize and appropriately treat various stone materials. In addition to stone walls, we also offer masonry cleaning services, ensuring all parts of your building are maintained.

Learn about our full range of stone cleaning services by visiting our stone cleaning page.

Brick cleaning and restoration in Cornwall: your brickwork completely restored

english house with brickwork cleaned

Cornwall’s damp maritime climate can be tough on brickwork. Over time, moss, algae, and other microorganisms can discolour and damage bricks, especially in the joints and mortar. We specialise in restoring the beauty and integrity of your brick structures.

Our local expertise, honed over years of service in Cornwall, ensures that we understand the unique challenges posed by the region’s climate. We employ steam cleaning, a gentle yet effective method that uses low pressure and high temperatures, ensuring thorough cleaning without damaging the brick or mortar. This eco-friendly approach not only rejuvenates the appearance of your brickwork but also fortifies its structural integrity, reducing future maintenance costs.

Other brick surfaces cleaned

We can also clean other brick surfaces which have been covered in pebbledash, or which have been painted. For painted walls, we can use a specialist solution to remove the paint, if needed. This is then followed by a clean using our high-temperature steam cleaning kit to bring the brickwork back to its original state.

Find all about the full range of brick cleaning services by visiting our brick cleaning services page.

Proven gutter cleaning solutions: avoid costly building repairs to leaking gutters

blocked gutters in need of cleaning

We provide an affordable solution to blockages in your guttering using the latest high-reach equipment. We use the SkyVac gutter cleaning system. This has a reach of 40 feet, and cleans your gutters of any debris with ease, leaving your gutters clear and free-flowing once more.

This makes sure that your gutters are cleaned perfectly, and free of moss and leaves, avoiding the expensive damage that can be caused to the structure of your home by water dripping onto the brickwork.

We offer gutter cleaning and a comprehensive gutter cleaning service throughout Cornwall, with all gutter cleaning work carried out to be compliant with Health and Safety regulations.

Find out more about gutter cleaning by visiting our gutter cleaning services page.

External cleaning solutions for the whole of Cornwall

We are based in Bodmin, and so are a Cornwall-based company. We are not part of a national company with a head office miles from the local area. We have links with the local area and understand the particular needs of cleaning properties in Cornwall.

We cover all areas of Cornwall. See below for a list of the areas we cover.

Bodmin: a blend of history and modernity

Bodmin, historically known as the administrative centre of Cornwall, boasts a rich tapestry of ancient buildings and modern structures. From the iconic Bodmin Jail to the charming townhouses, the architectural diversity is evident. Our team is well-versed with Bodmin’s unique architectural styles, ensuring tailored external cleaning services.

Truro: The cathedral city’s charm 

As Cornwall’s only city, Truro is renowned for its stunning cathedral, cobbled streets, and Georgian facades. The city’s history is etched into every brick and stone. We pride ourselves on understanding Truro’s distinct architectural styles and offer specialised cleaning services to maintain its charm.

St Austell: the heart of the clay country 

St Austell, once the epicentre of the china clay industry, is home to both historic and contemporary buildings. The town’s rich industrial past is reflected in its architecture. Our team is adept at handling the diverse external cleaning needs of St Austell homes and public buildings.

Newquay: surf city’s architectural waves

Newquay, best known for its surfing beaches, also showcases a blend of Victorian villas and modern beachfront properties. Our expertise in external cleaning ensures that Newquay’s buildings remain as clean and vibrant as its coastal culture.

Fowey: The riverside gem 

Nestled on the banks of the River Fowey, this picturesque town is a maze of mediaeval and Georgian buildings. Fowey’s maritime history is evident in its architecture. We offer specialised cleaning services that respect the town’s heritage while catering to its modern needs.

Wadebridge: the bridge town’s beauty 

Wadebridge, named after its historic 15th-century bridge, is a blend of old-world charm and contemporary design. Our team understands the town’s unique architectural fabric, ensuring top-notch external cleaning services.

Padstow: the harbour town’s heritage 

Padstow, with its bustling harbour and narrow streets, is a mix of historic fishermen’s cottages and modern establishments. Our expertise ensures that Padstow’s buildings retain their charm and character through specialised cleaning. [Anchor your trust in our Padstow cleaning services.]

Redruth: mining heritage meets modernity 

Once a boomtown of the Industrial Revolution, Redruth’s mining heritage is evident in its granite buildings. As a specialist stone cleaning company, we are equipped with the knowledge and tools to cater to both the historic and modern structures of Redruth. [Dig deeper into our Redruth external cleaning services here.]

Falmouth: maritime majesty

Falmouth, with its deep harbours and maritime history, boasts a range of buildings from naval establishments to modern homes. Our team is adept at preserving the town’s nautical charm through expert external cleaning and our specialised cleaning techniques.

Liskeard: the moorland market town 

Liskeard, a gateway to the moors, is a blend of Victorian architecture and modern design. Our team’s deep understanding of Liskeard’s architectural diversity ensures top-tier external cleaning services.

Saltash: the gateway to Cornwall

Known for the iconic Royal Albert Bridge, Saltash seamlessly merges historic charm with modern aesthetics. Our team is well-equipped to handle the town’s unique cleaning needs, preserving its gateway status.

St Ives: the artist’s paradise 

St Ives, renowned for its artistic community, is a tapestry of quaint cottages and modern studios. The town’s coastal charm is reflected in its architecture. We offer specialised cleaning services that respect St Ives’ artistic spirit, bringing the buildings back to life with our expert cleaning services.

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